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2018 Scrap-Box Challenge with Ventura MQG

It’s that time of year again when the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild does their scrap box challenge. Those wanting to participate bring a shoebox full of scraps and then there is a blind draw to see whose box each person gets. I was the recipient of our current president, Tisha Maeda’s scraps. She has been president for the past 2 years and has played an important role in the Thomas Fire Quilt Project. Her scrap box was filled with a treasure chest of beautiful fabrics. Given the amount of work and effort Tisha put towards the Thomas Fire quilts I thought I would make her a wall hanging size of the Perkiomen quilt block that was primarily used in the Thomas Fire quilts. It was so much fun to make this 30 X 36 inch quilt and as always I like to quilt the hell out of everything. I was able to give her this quilt on Monday and her smile was evidence that she loved what I created.



Thomas Fire Ventura County


We are so grateful that the skies have begun to clear in Ventura. Our hearts remain with our neighbors and everybody impacted by the fires in Southern California. The past week has been a painful and humbling week for many of us. Helplessly watching and waiting as the fire claims more ground.

We are introducing a block to all our quilting friends and family so we can help those who were affected. The call for quilt blocks has begun and as we receive the blocks, the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild will assist in making and quilting these quilts. A list from the RedCross will provide contact for those who lost so much in the recent days. Please help me pass this along to your other guilds and social media sites.

Use one light and one dark, or make it scrappy…however you want to finish your blocks, your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us.



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Quilt-In-Public Day With VMQG 2015

We had an incredible day in Ventura, California today with the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild, participating in National Quilt-In-Public Day.

In 2005, American knitting enthusiast Danielle Landes had the wonderful idea of encouraging knitters all over the world to leave the comfort of their own homes and to go out and knit in public—and the worldwide knitting in public day was born.

Soon, quilters joined those world-wide knitters in spirit and initiated a parallel event for quilters—Quilt-In-Public Day—which takes place on the 3rd Saturday in June.

We’re both a bit sunburned, but we had a great time visiting with friends and doing what we love. And, it was the perfect place to sew binding onto quilts!

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VMQG Round-Robin Quilt Swap 2015

The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild hosted a ‘Round Robin’ earlier this year. In a round robin, several people create a center “medallion” block. Each block is passed to the next person on the list. They must add a “border” and pass it on to the next person, to add another border, until everyone has added something to the quilt. I was familiar with how a round robin worked, but I had never participated one. It was actually a lot of fun. Many people joined and we were assigned groups of four, with each person adding a border. At VMQGs recent meeting, we had the final “reveal” (no one could see their quilt until it was finished.) Everyone brought a different creative touch to each of their rows and all the quilts were incredible. I could not be more pleased with the results of my quilt that the other quilters made. I love that there was plenty of negative space in the rows of my quilt. Now, my creative process begins to decide how I want to quilt my top.

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Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Bi-Annual Sew-In

Greg and I spent last Saturday with the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild at their bi-annual Modern Meet-Up. Twenty-Four quilters met at MAKE Ventura for an incredible day of sewing, socializing, and silliness. VMQG President, Georganna Hawley, taught everyone how to make a small, zippered bag from thousands of selvages she had brought, everyone got an incredible prize bag, and we all ate so much amazing food! Thanks to everyone who was there for making the day such a success…I can’t wait for the next one!

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Spring is here!

Greg and I drove up to Ventura yesterday for the monthly sew-in at our favorite quilt shop, superbuzzy, yesterday. We had a great time catching up with everyone and trying to get some sewing done. If you’re a member of The Modern Quilt Guild, you should join us April 18, 2015 at MAKE Ventura for the Ventura Modern Meet-Up. There will be refreshments, prize drawings, and field trips plus a great day of friendship and camaraderie. Hope to see you there!