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Thomas Fire Ventura County



We are so grateful that the skies have begun to clear in Ventura. Our hearts remain with our neighbors and everybody impacted by the fires in Southern California. The past week has been a painful and humbling week for many of us. Helplessly watching and waiting as the fire claims more ground.

We are introducing a block to all our quilting friends and family so we can help those who were affected. The call for quilt blocks has begun and as we receive the blocks, the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild will assist in making and quilting these quilts. A list from the RedCross will provide contact for those who lost so much in the recent days. Please help me pass this along to your other guilds and social media sites.

Use one light and one dark, or make it scrappy…however you want to finish your blocks, your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us.



5 thoughts on “Thomas Fire Ventura County

  1. My quilting bee has collected 2 boxes of fat quarters that we had planned on sending to Santa Rosa quilters but they have more than they can handle. Is there a guild in Ventura County that can use them for people that have lost everything! I use to be a member of Camarillo guild many years ago. I live inColorado and we just want to help quilters who have lost everything!


  2. Do you want completed quilts that are not done with this block?


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