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Confessions of a fabric hoarder


Keeping Score

So heres the deal…I had a small stack of green Kona fabrics that I challenged myself to use. These scraps were from a recent project and I hate to throw those little pieces of fabric away. Then, I tried to justify starting a new project, rather than picking up an unfinished project and working on it. I decided to incorporate my green pieces into the Black & White challenge with the Valley Modern Quilt Guild that is due later this month. I know…black and white AND green? We’re allowed to add some color the the Black & White challenge. After playing with the blocks I finally chose my pattern and it reminds me of a bowling score sheet. I quilted it on Greg’s Bernina and I really appreciate quilting on a domestic machine. Keeping Score measures 16 inch square.

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Curved Log Cabin Quilt


One of the quilt guilds that I belong to is having a UFO (unfinished object) challenge. This has inspired me to getting a few pieces finished. I’ve actually committed myself to finishing 10 of my UFO’s. Here’s proof that I do make a few things that are not modern. I really like the curved log cabin block and I’m looking forward to teaching this class locally very soon.

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Shibori and Indigo Dyeing with Sandra Johnson

We attended Sandra Johnson’s Shibori and Indigo Dyeing class today and it was amazing. We had the privilege of using the culinary arts classroom at Calabasas High School for our workshop. The fabric enthusiasts quickly got underway with different patterns and endless possibilities. Give me some space and the ability to make a mess and I am a happy guy. I’m totally clueless as to what I’m going to make with new fabric, but we both had in incredible day! Check out her blog @

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Road to California 2017

A break in the current storms made for the most beautiful Southern California day. Mother nature has given us a nourishing drink of water and the sun is out. It’s a great day for a quilt show and off to Road to California we go. There were some outstanding quilts at the show and its always well organized. I was a little disappointed by the number of quilts. There were numerous challenges and exhibits and the vendors I look forward to seeing each year. Somehow I didn’t purchase a single cut of fabric. I did purchase lots of tread for many upcoming projects.

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Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions

Today was the opening reception for a new modern quilt exhibit at the Ontario Museum of History and Art called Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions. Greg and I both participated in this exhibit in different ways…Greg designed the logo for the exhibit, and I entered 3 different quilts. The theme was modern quilting inspired by traditional block pattern or style. I really can’t say enough kind things about how everything looked. The museum painted the wall behind my quilt, Kailani, and now I’m thinking about that quilt on my bed with an accent wall painted that color. A special thank you to Georganna Hawley for curating this incredible exhibit!

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Improv Piecing

We had a huge turnout for the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association workshop. Although SFVQA is a traditional guild they were interested in learning improvisational piecing. It was a great day and we had the perfect classroom with plenty of space. Thank you to SFVQA and it’s members for inviting me to do this workshop and to speak to their group on November 14, 2016.

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Natural History Museum Spider Pavilion

Last summer, we purchased memberships to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. We weren’t sure that we would take advantage of ALL the exhibits the museum had to offer, but we went ahead and joined. What a great decision! We enjoyed our third trip in as many months. The Spider Pavilion was filled with many species of non-poisonous spiders. You were able to get up close and personal with them for about 30 minutes. At one point a docent told me to stop and be very still. She then pointed out that a small spider had descended from the roof of the pavilion and I was in its way. This one was very small and some of them were the size of your finger. It was so cool to seem them in this habitat and I now have a much greater appreciation for them. Maybe I won’t step on the next one I see…