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Confessions of a fabric hoarder

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Fiesta Hermosa


My partner and I spent the afternoon at Fiesta Hermosa, dubbed the “largest arts and crafts fair in Southern California.” We had a great time, but there wasn’t much in the way of arts and crafts there. Just a lot of people watching. We’re off to Ventura tomorrow for a BBQ with mom and dad…and, maybe a stop by superbuzzy, the most awesome quilt store in Ventura. Hope you all have an incredible Memorial Day!

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May is almost gone

After work today I’m driving to Ventura for a board meeting with one of the guilds. The meeting doesn’t start until 6pm and that leaves me with a little free time for some shopping. I’m thinking there are approximately 7 quilt shops along the way and it would be just plain ‘rude’ if I did not stop at one of them….okay, stop pressuring me 3 it is.


Quilt Market



Although I was unable to make it to Pittsburgh, because of prior commitments, part of me was there. My friend Frances Newcombe was able to introduce ‘Cherie’ to the quilting World. Her booth looked amazing and I’m so proud of all her hard work and the beautiful fabrics she has designed. I’m making a commitment to go to Fall Market this October. Everyone looked like they were having an incredible time and I’m dying to be a part of the fun next time.

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Trying to get caught up

This past week has been crazy busy. My good friend, Frances Newcombe, designer for Art Gallery Fabrics, asked me to sew a couple of items for her booth in Pittsburgh. I’m honored to be included in her sewing posse. Being totally in love with the ‘Cherie’ collection a yes response was too easy. Here’s some pictures of the projects I sent with her. Now it’s time for me to get back to all my projects. Happy stitching…

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I was thinking I wanted a ‘hand’ project to do while watching tv. Several years ago I purchased some Mountain Mist patterns off of ebay. I really liked this block and it’s called Pine Burr. The block has 89 pieces in it and it took me several hours to complete. Hmmm…..I’m starting to think ‘pillow’ instead of a bed size quilt. I do like how it turned out. Image