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Seeing Green

When I started quilting nearly 20 years ago I had the idea that a quilt was created entirely by one person. I’m really not too sure how I came to this conclusion, but I did.  Piecing a top was an enjoyable process and my binding skills were pretty good.  But the quilting…  I struggled many times rolling, stuffing, folding and cramming the quilt under my machine.  I’ve heard the stories and even seen some quilts that were beautifully done on a home machine.  My results never met up to my expectations for the quilting done on my quilts.  Let me say that hand quilting is the exception here.  I now find myself in this quilting journey learning new things constantly and experiencing technology that can take my quilting to its next level.

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Spring is here!

Greg and I drove up to Ventura yesterday for the monthly sew-in at our favorite quilt shop, superbuzzy, yesterday. We had a great time catching up with everyone and trying to get some sewing done. If you’re a member of The Modern Quilt Guild, you should join us April 18, 2015 at MAKE Ventura for the Ventura Modern Meet-Up. There will be refreshments, prize drawings, and field trips plus a great day of friendship and camaraderie. Hope to see you there!

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This is sew much fun

Every day, I can’t wait to come home from work and play with Johnnie. I’m getting better and I feel much more at ease with guiding the machine. I’m constantly trying to keep my shoulders relaxed, and it’s easier said than done. My confidence is up and I purchased 9 new pantographs that I’m anxious to try out. Another quilt was loaded on Johnnie today…now to decide which pantograph would be most appropriate for the quilt. It’s been close to 90 degrees here in Southern California for several days now…the AC and the music are cranked up…time to quilt.

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2015 Glendale Quilt Guild Show

Hey everybody! It’s Greg…Scott had to work the Glendale Quilt Guild Quilt Show this weekend, so I’m filling in. This show is very special to me…it’s the first show my friend Nancy and I went to about 20 years ago, so it’s our “anniversary” show. And, this is the show I met Scott at nine years ago, so it’s our anniversary show, too. Eight years ago, he actually asked me to spend the rest of my life with him at this show, in the very same corner of the show where we met (how romantic!)

This year’s show was incredible! So much inspiration and lots of great vendors. Congratulations to Georganna Hawley for winning her blue ribbon…she is just an incredible quilter! Griffin will be back soon, so he can fill you in on anything I might have missed.

Happy anniversary to my quilting mentor and inspiration, Nancy King, and happy anniversary to the man I will love forever!

Take care,

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In a previous post I had commented about the Pantone color for 2015 being Marsala. Every year the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has a Pantone challenge. The members brought a very creative variety of different blocks. I was impressed to see what everybody made. I constructed my piece a few weeks ago and then waited to be able to quilt it on Johnnie. I finished the binding about an hour before the meeting this last Monday. The next quilt got loaded on the machine today….Woo-Hoo I’m having fun!


UFO Thursday


I decided to make a quilt for my cousin Dawn’s new baby, Olivia. I started the quilt last summer and it was ‘misplaced’. Out of sight, out of mind…forgotten about the quilt. During the ‘archeological dig’ of the sewing room to make room for Johnnie, I ran across quite a few “lost” projects. I vow to get them finished, one at a time…no matter how long it takes! Olivia is almost 18 months old now, so I need to get this quilt finished. The top is done and the back is pieced. I just loaded the top on Johnnie and will begin quilting this evening. Wish me luck!