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Confessions of a fabric hoarder

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Failed attempt at cleaning

So, occasionally my lack of fabric organization gets to me.  Picture this, Thursday afternoon and an ambitious thought rings in…”I should do some cleaning”.  The first 30 minutes were filled with revelations like “why am I keeping this and I doubt I will ever get around to finishing this”.   I’m so proud of myself for making a pile of stuff to be donated.  But wait there is a tote that needs to be gone through.  The spiral begins….Christmas fabric…hmmmm!  I can’t get rid of it and yet I know there is very little chance I will use it.  And there is a huge tote of all this seasonal fabric.  What is a quilter to do?  Yes, I’ve got, I will stop cleaning and start a new project.  That is my way of getting rid of Christmas fabric.  Hours later I still have to work around the beginning of my cleaning project.  After all I do have my priorities.  I’m lost in cutting fabric and I keep finding even more Christmas fabric.tumblers


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Long-Arm Weekend

This last weekend I had the opportunity to play with a longarm quilting machine for the very first time.  I am sold….I loved it!  My friend Georganna Hawley invited a few people over to her house to work on philanthropy quilts for the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild.  I had many questions and my progress was slow.  Overall I was very pleased with my quilting and I’m now looking forward to the next time I get to work on a longarm machine.


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Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns

To close out Halloween, tonight my partner and I went to “Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns” with some friends. It was an incredible experience…a 45-minute walk through Descanso Gardens with thousands of carved pumpkins. Video games, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dinosaurs…you name it, they had it made from carved pumpkins. Definitely, something to keep in mind for next year! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!