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Eight 10″ squares of two different colors (total 16 squares.) High contrast is key to making this block work.

MagicTriangle_Tutorial1Step 1:
On each light square, draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner. I’ve lightly drawn the line using a pencil, but you could use any type of fabric marker.







MagicTriangle_Tutorial2Step 2:
Match one light 10″ square with one dark 10″ square, right sides together, and sew a scant 1/4″ seam on each side of the drawn line. Repeat step 2 with all of the sets of squares.




MagicTriangle_Tutorial3Step 3:
Cut each of the sets of squares on the diagonal line you drew in Step 1. Step 3 should yield 16 half-square triangles (HST). Press each of the sets with the seam allowance to the dark fabric.








Step 4:
Join two of the HSTs as illustrated. Repeat with all pairs, yielding 4 sets. Notice the orientation of each of the squares…they should all go the same direction.




MagicTriangle_Tutorial5Step 5:
Join two pairs of HST units to make one large four patch. Repeat with other pair yielding two large 4 patches.





MagicTriangle_Tutorial6Step 6:
For the next step, use the center of the block as the “mid-line”.





MagicTriangle_Tutorial7Step 7:
Using the mid-line, make 3 cuts of varying widths across one side of the block.





MagicTriangle_Tutorial8Step 8:
Repeat Step 7 on the other side of the mid-line of your block. This will yield 7 strips of varying widths. Repeat Step 7 and Step 8 on the other blocks.





MagicTriangle_Tutorial9Step 9:
Rearrange each set of 7 strips until you’re happy with the design. Note: The previous mid-line of your block doesn’t need to stay in the center…move all the strips around until you like it.




MagicTriangle_Tutorial10Step 10:
Sew each of the 7 strips back together to re-assemble your blocks. The blocks will no longer be square.





MagicTriangle_Tutorial11Step 11:
You will have 4 different large blocks. Sew each of the blocks together to make you’re finished quilt.







MagicTriangle_Tutorial12Step 12:
All done!

One thought on “Magic Triangles Tutorial

  1. Kathy Cook says:

    Love this! You’ve inspired me!


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