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Confessions of a fabric hoarder

“Men Who Quilt” Signature Block

Signature Template

Signature Template

Use Kaufman Kona “Snow” or similar fabric that is “white”.
Cut 6″ squares from fabric

  • Using your choice of template material (card stock, acetate) and cut a 6″ square.
  • Measure and mark lines 2″ from top and bottom.
  • Measure and mark lines 1 1/2″ from each side.
  • Cut the resulting 2″ X 3″ rectangle from inside of template.
  • Iron your 6″ square of fabric to freezer paper.
  • Place your template on the 6″ square of fabric.
  • Using a Pigma Micron pen (I suggest trying different weights…an 08 makes a thicker line, an 01 makes a thinner line), write your name, city, state, and year on the fabric inside the template “window”.

Do it however you want…fancy, plain, ornate…just stay inside the 2″ X 3″ “window” of the template.

Signed block using template

Signed block using template

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