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Confessions of a fabric hoarder

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Summer-Sun-3I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m melting. The heat wave that Southern California has been experiencing is taking it’s toll on me…you know, sugar melts! My productivity it at an all-time low. I sit at the sewing machine with sweat dripping down my face…it’s not pretty!

Yes, the AC is turned on and cranked up! Did you know that when you plug in an iron it creates more heat? Even that damn ergonomic sewing cushion that I perch myself on has fused itself to my bottom and legs. That thing is a torture device…but, I’ll leave that for a future rant. After turned the machine off and unplugged the iron, I looked around the room. My gaze came to a skidding halt when I looked at my stash. What a disaster! For over 3 weeks I’ve been working on re-organizing and re-folding all my fabric. The end is in sight, and this week it will be finished…I hope. Solids, batiks and novelty prints still need to be gone through. I took a picture of one of the storage racks in its organized state. Now, I’m left with mounds of scraps that are too small to include on the shelves. Where will these pieces find themselves a home? Stay tuned for updates…



Remembering Diana

I saw a picture of Princess Diana in the media commemorating the 18th anniversary of her death. I remember working in the ER when a patient told me that she had been involved in a terrible accident. Around 20 minutes later one of the girls at the admitting desk called me and said that she had passed. Working in the ER we are surrounded by death and dying all the time. You can try your best to keep it professional and distance yourself from all the pain, but, sometimes at your weakest moment humanity creeps in and you have to take a minute to re-group. I found myself, standing in the departs linen closet, crying. I did not know Diana and yet I felt some sort of connection. I allowed myself a minute to be emotional and then I was reminded of something my friend Andrew would say to me…..”Laugh and the World laughs with you, cry and you look like shit!”


Such a class act. No need to wear something revealing or even the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. A kind person in the position to do good in our world. She had a platform that the rest of us do not. Hopefully, she can still inspire each of us to be the change we want to see in the world. Just a thought…have a great day!


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Jacquie Gering—Slice and Insert Improvisation Class

I’m still recovering from the weekend. Sunday I was overcome with creativity at Jacquie Gering’s class. Superbuzzy in Ventura, CA hosted Jacquie’s class and it turned into the perfect day. She demonstrated several different ways to do slice and insert. She had many sample quilts with her and I tried not to drool. We had 16 students in the class and the best classroom you can imagine. My first try didn’t seem to be my best work and now I’ve tried some different colors and I’ll post a picture of that work soon.

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New Tutorial….Magic Triangles


A friend told me that I should be posting tutorials.  I have not moved into the age of video yet, so I’m doing my best with my technical skills. Thanks to endless help from Greg, I’m almost able to keep up with the blog and all my projects, in general. The Magic Triangles were demonstrated at the August meeting of the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild and it was well received. The tutorial is located under the ‘Tutorial’ heading at the top right side of the page. I’d love to see everyone’s projects….I will post them!