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A Mystery Package

About a year ago I had received an email asking for Zentangle submissions to be featured in a book. When I’m not sewing I’m doodling on something. So, I found some tangles that I had done on fabric, and I decided to incorporate them into a tote for submission. As time passed, I forgot about the submission and the book. Fast-forward to today…on my porch was a copy of 500 TANGLED ARTWORKS with no note. So, I quickly paged through to see my piece.  Nada….nothing….jack scrap!  Again I thumb through the pages while thinking about those mean people (I used a different word) who sent me the book to rub it in that I’m just not good enough.  Ah…there’s my tote…and, I’m pleased as punch!  So many amazing pieces in the book.  As I’m looking at them I’m thinking “I can do that on the longarm” and the project will need to have plenty of negative space for me to play with. A huge thank you to the Folks at Quarry Books and Beckah Krahula the Author.


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Quilt-In-Public Day With VMQG 2015

We had an incredible day in Ventura, California today with the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild, participating in National Quilt-In-Public Day.

In 2005, American knitting enthusiast Danielle Landes had the wonderful idea of encouraging knitters all over the world to leave the comfort of their own homes and to go out and knit in public—and the worldwide knitting in public day was born.

Soon, quilters joined those world-wide knitters in spirit and initiated a parallel event for quilters—Quilt-In-Public Day—which takes place on the 3rd Saturday in June.

We’re both a bit sunburned, but we had a great time visiting with friends and doing what we love. And, it was the perfect place to sew binding onto quilts!

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VMQG Round-Robin Quilt Swap 2015

The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild hosted a ‘Round Robin’ earlier this year. In a round robin, several people create a center “medallion” block. Each block is passed to the next person on the list. They must add a “border” and pass it on to the next person, to add another border, until everyone has added something to the quilt. I was familiar with how a round robin worked, but I had never participated one. It was actually a lot of fun. Many people joined and we were assigned groups of four, with each person adding a border. At VMQGs recent meeting, we had the final “reveal” (no one could see their quilt until it was finished.) Everyone brought a different creative touch to each of their rows and all the quilts were incredible. I could not be more pleased with the results of my quilt that the other quilters made. I love that there was plenty of negative space in the rows of my quilt. Now, my creative process begins to decide how I want to quilt my top.

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Scrappy Trip-Around-the-World…FINALLY!

Hey! It’s Greg, again. I had to post because I FINALLY FINISHED SOMETHING! And, of course, Benny had to check it out…

A couple of years ago, several of the modern quilt blogs had a “scrappy trip-around-the-world sew along” and I was in love with the look of the quilts. I was going to school at the time, so I couldn’t participate. But, I decided I would make the quilt someday. Well, that day has arrived! There are 288 different fabrics in the quilt…none are repeated. Since it only took a 2 1/2″ X 16 1/2″ strip of each fabric, it was easy to use up scraps. I made it with the “tube” method…I’m hoping to talk Griff into putting up a tutorial for it. Until then, I used this tutorial from Quiltville, which was perfectly fine. Now, it’s off to the long-arm quilter…

Take care and I’ll be back soon!

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Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour 2015

We had a wonderful weekend after participating in the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour. We started out in Ventura at superbuzzy, and then made our way up the coast ending in Paso Robles. A total of 11 shop were on the tour and we decided to take in 3 additional shops that are not participating in the tour. Each of the shops gave out a ‘goodie bag’ and there are free downloadable patterns online from each of the shops. Good food, great company and fabric…what else can a guy ask for?

Quilt Ventura
Roaxanne’s a Wish and a Dream
The Creation Station
The Old Town Quilt Shop
Betty’s Fabrics
Beverly’s Fabrics and Crafts
Picking Daisies
Sew Fun
Quilter’s Cupboard
The Quiltery
The Cotton Ball
Quiltin’ Cousins

We stayed over night in Cambria and it was gorgeous. Behind the hotel where we stayed there was a fire-pit located near the creek. I love listening to the frogs and other wildlife at night. And, Sunday morning was biscuits and gravy for breakfast…my favorite. We bought a couple books, a few patterns and many yards of fabric(24 yards for me). It’s always nice to run into people that you know from social media and actually get to talk with them in person (Hi Dora!). Cheers to all my friends.