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Thomas Fire Ventura County


We are so grateful that the skies have begun to clear in Ventura. Our hearts remain with our neighbors and everybody impacted by the fires in Southern California. The past week has been a painful and humbling week for many of us. Helplessly watching and waiting as the fire claims more ground.

We are introducing a block to all our quilting friends and family so we can help those who were affected. The call for quilt blocks has begun and as we receive the blocks, the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild will assist in making and quilting these quilts. A list from the RedCross will provide contact for those who lost so much in the recent days. Please help me pass this along to your other guilds and social media sites.

Use one light and one dark, or make it scrappy…however you want to finish your blocks, your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us.



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VMQG Round-Robin Quilt Swap 2015

The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild hosted a ‘Round Robin’ earlier this year. In a round robin, several people create a center “medallion” block. Each block is passed to the next person on the list. They must add a “border” and pass it on to the next person, to add another border, until everyone has added something to the quilt. I was familiar with how a round robin worked, but I had never participated one. It was actually a lot of fun. Many people joined and we were assigned groups of four, with each person adding a border. At VMQGs recent meeting, we had the final “reveal” (no one could see their quilt until it was finished.) Everyone brought a different creative touch to each of their rows and all the quilts were incredible. I could not be more pleased with the results of my quilt that the other quilters made. I love that there was plenty of negative space in the rows of my quilt. Now, my creative process begins to decide how I want to quilt my top.

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Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Bi-Annual Sew-In

Greg and I spent last Saturday with the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild at their bi-annual Modern Meet-Up. Twenty-Four quilters met at MAKE Ventura for an incredible day of sewing, socializing, and silliness. VMQG President, Georganna Hawley, taught everyone how to make a small, zippered bag from thousands of selvages she had brought, everyone got an incredible prize bag, and we all ate so much amazing food! Thanks to everyone who was there for making the day such a success…I can’t wait for the next one!

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In a previous post I had commented about the Pantone color for 2015 being Marsala. Every year the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has a Pantone challenge. The members brought a very creative variety of different blocks. I was impressed to see what everybody made. I constructed my piece a few weeks ago and then waited to be able to quilt it on Johnnie. I finished the binding about an hour before the meeting this last Monday. The next quilt got loaded on the machine today….Woo-Hoo I’m having fun!


Ventura Modern Quilt Guild, 2015 Opportunity Quilt

At some point last year, I suggested to my guild that we make an opportunity quilt as a fund-raising project.  Since it was my idea, it became my baby.  For our first ‘raffle’ quilt we decided to keep it simple.  But, simple sounds much more simple than it is.  I asked the guild members to create blocks within blocks…any size and shape would be fine.  The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild members came to the rescue and turned in many blocks.  Then, we designated a day to get together and work on a possible layout.  With so many set-in seams our work was cut out for us.  We managed to get about one third of the quilt pieced and at the end of the day the quilt was showing promise.  I took it home with me and continued working on it a few days later.  Somehow the quilt would not lay flat, and I had to take the finished portion back apart and start over.  I spent 2 days piecing the top and it was ready to go to our longarm quilter.  Georganna Hawley is our longarm quilter extraodinare.  She took a great looking quilt top and added so much beautiful quilting and visual interest to the quilt.  I already have a spot for the quilt in my home.  Next, buying enough tickets to win it!

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Sew-In Saturday

This past Saturday several members of the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild got together for a group sew at Superbuzzy in Ventura, California.  I really loved seeing the amazing projects the members are working on…so much talent within this creative group of people.  I even managed to get a huge amount of work accomplished for my current project.  Georganna Hawley, an amazing long arm quilter (and, she makes some pretty incredible quilts, too) finished the quilting on Ventura Modern Quilt Guild’s first opportunity quilt.  I need to put a hanging sleeve on the back and add the binding.  The quilting on this quilt is so wonderful…..I will be buying my share of the tickets in hopes of it finding a new home with me.  I will add more photos of the quilt later.