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Ever Had One of Those Days?


Today, I was looking forward to some sewing. I pulled out my fabric and my first cut with the rotary cutter, I noticed it was time to change the blade. “Hmm, where are the blades?” As I was searching for the blades, I knocked the ruler off the cutting table, did a little 2-step, and stomped on the ruler, breaking it in half. Once I found the new blades, I realized that old blade was not as dull as thought it was. Now, I had cut my finger! As I was holding my hand over the cutting mat to protect the carpet, I noticed blood on the fabric I was going to cut. I grabbed a towel, wrapped my finger to staunch the flow of blood, and found a band aid. After all that drama, I replaced the rotary blade and found a different ruler to use. Then, I turn on the sewing machine and it won’t power-up. Further inspection revealed that somehow it had come unplugged from the wall (cat) and I had to move a huge mess and a piece of furniture to get to it. I spilled my soda on another piece of fabric and then stubbed my toe while I was trying to move the furniture back into place. My mess is cleaned up and I’ve surrendered to the creative gods.

It’s too early for bed, so I’ll just think about what I would like to do tomorrow.


Do I need a reason to buy more fabric?

I ran across this fabric and it jumped off the shelf into my cart…no really! The more I look at it, the more I like it. I’m thinking it kind of lends itself to a masculine feel…not that I can pull that off, but I try.


I thought about what to make for awhile and when in doubt make another tote bag. But the thing is I’m actually going to use this one. Most of the bags I make get donated or given away. This one stays put! Made it last night and it made its debut today. I even put in a pocket for the cell phone that I am constantly losing.

The designer is Tim Holtz. I found his website and I love all his fabrics. More projects to come from this incredible line of fabric.

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Fair Challenge Block

Each year the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has a challenge block for the county fair. The Fair’s theme this year is ‘A Country Fair With Ocean Air’….don’t laugh…last year it was ‘Boots, Barns and banjos.’ Our challenge is to create a block in the modern aesthetic which reflects the theme. Hmmm, this took some thinking. I wanted I block that had several techniques within the same block. And the block had to measure 12 1/2″ by 12 1/2 inches. Not a lot of space to reflect such a broad theme. Here’s what I came up with.


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Ventura County Fair

There is so much going on right now I really don’t know where to start. This last Sunday was the final day to turn in entries for the Fair. So I gathered up a couple of tote bags of my latest projects and took them down to the fairgrounds. The category guide has always confused me, there’s always more than one category that your quilt would be appropriate for and I’m never sure which one applies to the particular quilt. The awesome ladies working the intake table were so much help. Over an hour and a half later all 10 pieces had been entered. The Fair runs July 30 through August 10, 2014. Not too sure which day I will be able to go but I’m a little anxious to see how my quilts were judged.