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Ventura Modern Quilt Guild, 2015 Opportunity Quilt


At some point last year, I suggested to my guild that we make an opportunity quilt as a fund-raising project.  Since it was my idea, it became my baby.  For our first ‘raffle’ quilt we decided to keep it simple.  But, simple sounds much more simple than it is.  I asked the guild members to create blocks within blocks…any size and shape would be fine.  The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild members came to the rescue and turned in many blocks.  Then, we designated a day to get together and work on a possible layout.  With so many set-in seams our work was cut out for us.  We managed to get about one third of the quilt pieced and at the end of the day the quilt was showing promise.  I took it home with me and continued working on it a few days later.  Somehow the quilt would not lay flat, and I had to take the finished portion back apart and start over.  I spent 2 days piecing the top and it was ready to go to our longarm quilter.  Georganna Hawley is our longarm quilter extraodinare.  She took a great looking quilt top and added so much beautiful quilting and visual interest to the quilt.  I already have a spot for the quilt in my home.  Next, buying enough tickets to win it!

2 thoughts on “Ventura Modern Quilt Guild, 2015 Opportunity Quilt

  1. Next Opp Quilt YOU get to quilt!


  2. Love this quilt. I want tickets!


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