Kept In Stitches

Confessions of a fabric hoarder

Summer-Sun-3I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m melting. The heat wave that Southern California has been experiencing is taking it’s toll on me…you know, sugar melts! My productivity it at an all-time low. I sit at the sewing machine with sweat dripping down my face…it’s not pretty!

Yes, the AC is turned on and cranked up! Did you know that when you plug in an iron it creates more heat? Even that damn ergonomic sewing cushion that I perch myself on has fused itself to my bottom and legs. That thing is a torture device…but, I’ll leave that for a future rant. After turned the machine off and unplugged the iron, I looked around the room. My gaze came to a skidding halt when I looked at my stash. What a disaster! For over 3 weeks I’ve been working on re-organizing and re-folding all my fabric. The end is in sight, and this week it will be finished…I hope. Solids, batiks and novelty prints still need to be gone through. I took a picture of one of the storage racks in its organized state. Now, I’m left with mounds of scraps that are too small to include on the shelves. Where will these pieces find themselves a home? Stay tuned for updates…


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