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Jacquie Gering—Slice and Insert Improvisation Class

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I’m still recovering from the weekend. Sunday I was overcome with creativity at Jacquie Gering’s class. Superbuzzy in Ventura, CA hosted Jacquie’s class and it turned into the perfect day. She demonstrated several different ways to do slice and insert. She had many sample quilts with her and I tried not to drool. We had 16 students in the class and the best classroom you can imagine. My first try didn’t seem to be my best work and now I’ve tried some different colors and I’ll post a picture of that work soon.

One thought on “Jacquie Gering—Slice and Insert Improvisation Class

  1. It was an amazing day. Learned so much, played like I didn’t want it to end, talked quilt talk with The Jacquie Gehring and my other quilting friends. Glad it has been immortalized on this Blog. Still playing with making more blocks and eventually they’ll get put together into a special quilt. And then I’ll start another one!!!


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