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A Mystery Package

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About a year ago I had received an email asking for Zentangle submissions to be featured in a book. When I’m not sewing I’m doodling on something. So, I found some tangles that I had done on fabric, and I decided to incorporate them into a tote for submission. As time passed, I forgot about the submission and the book. Fast-forward to today…on my porch was a copy of 500 TANGLED ARTWORKS with no note. So, I quickly paged through to see my piece.  Nada….nothing….jack scrap!  Again I thumb through the pages while thinking about those mean people (I used a different word) who sent me the book to rub it in that I’m just not good enough.  Ah…there’s my tote…and, I’m pleased as punch!  So many amazing pieces in the book.  As I’m looking at them I’m thinking “I can do that on the longarm” and the project will need to have plenty of negative space for me to play with. A huge thank you to the Folks at Quarry Books and Beckah Krahula the Author.


One thought on “A Mystery Package

  1. Fantastic! Would love to see it the next time we get together!


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