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Meet My New Friend Johnnie



I am so excited! For many months I’ve been pondering a longarm quilting machine. I’ve test-driven many different machines and at Road To California this year I finally purchased an Innova. It was delivered yesterday and I love it. Nicky and Jim from the So Sew Shop sold me my machine and they did the installation also. It’s huge! I was told that my machine needed a name…hmmm. After much thought, I’ve decided to name the machine after my great aunt Johnnie. She was a seamstress, crafter and a jack of all trades. I have many wonderful memories of the time I spent on the farm in Oklahoma crafting with her. Johnnie had her own hoard so maybe it’s genetic.

After work today I couldn’t wait to get working on the machine. Wow….I’ve a lot to learn and so much practicing to be done.

5 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend Johnnie

  1. You are going to love it!! Welcome to the world of Innovians!!


  2. Yay! So glad you finally got a longarm. Can’t wait to see all you do with it.


  3. You’ve made a great decision. Innova is the BEST! I bought my Innova six years ago and have made many wonderful quilts with its help. I recommend charity quilts to you. Choose a cause you believe in and volunteer to quilt. I even supplied batting to have an endless supply of tops and an open door on whatever I wanted to try. Good luck and happy quilting


  4. I LOVE my Innova! It is the most amazing machine. I too, looked, drove, tried out several machines and the Innova was miles ahead of the others. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Innova!


  5. Congratulations! Have fun with it; I have a sit down longarm, APQS George, and I love it.


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