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I’m surprised by how many pincushions I seem to have. Many were given to me by friends and family and each one holds many memories. With the holidays just around the corner I suppose it would be a great idea to get a jump on things and try to get some of those gifts made. I’m going to try to post a pincushion pattern each week throughout the next few months.





1-4 1/2″ piece for backing

Fiberfil or crushed walnut shell for the filling.

This block measures 4 inches finished size.

4 thoughts on “Pincushion

  1. What is the name of the fabric with the bee on it? I love it.
    Great idea to make pin cushions.


    • Hi Carylyn! I got it at Road to California last year from the Birch Fabrics booth. The line of fabric is called “acorn trail”…it was in their sale fabric, but you might be able to find it on their website still…


  2. Did you see where Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts did a pin cushion-a-day challenge in July?


    • Hi Judy! Yes…I did see Crazy Mom Quilts blog. That’s what gave me the inspiration for the project…I have lots of quilting friends and thought the pincushions would be great gifts for the holidays. I certainly can’t make one-a-day, but I’m going to try to post one each week, with the instructions for what I made. Her blog was just the motivation I needed…hope I can help inspire you, too!


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