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Valley Modern Quilt Guild


About a year ago, I started talking to a couple of friends about creating a new guild that would serve our local community, and promote Modern Quilting and those who admire the work. In June we started our planning meetings with a great number of others also interested in a modern guild. I had no idea the amount of work/time that goes into starting a new guild. Just the information needed to open a checking account was so much work. Lets fast forward to September 28, 2015, our very first meeting was a huge success. The board (all 13 of us) really pulled together and organized a terrific meeting. Almost 70 people crowded into a limited meeting space and participated in the first meeting of the Valley Modern Quilt Guild. I want to thank everyone who came and enjoyed the evening. We are now looking for a larger meeting space for our next meeting. As President I will do my best to build a guild that we all can be proud of and I’m always ready for a challenge. A huge thank you goes out to Lisa Hansen, owner of Quilt Emporium, for having us in her beautiful shop.

3 thoughts on “Valley Modern Quilt Guild

  1. Congrats Scott and to your support team. A guild is an awesome creation!


  2. Scott, You did an amazing job organizing in the months leading up to the first meeting, but where you really achieved greatness was on September 28 showcasing your gifts and talents for hospitality, storytelling, and inspiring creativity. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us! ~CJ


  3. I admire the way you took the bull by the horns, & actually started a Modern Quilt Guild!! I sure wish we had one around my neck of the woods.


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