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Say Hello To My Little Friend


This is my pal, Macy, AKA Larry. I acquired Macy when she was just 3 weeks old. I was volunteering with the local shelter and they called me with 3 kittens that needed to be 2 lbs. before they could be placed for adoption. Macy and her 2 brothers ate real well for two weeks and then I had to take them back to the shelter for a weigh-in. The boys reached adoption weight and a little girl at the shelter was excited to take them both home. However, my little Macy Grey didn’t gain weight like her brothers and she returned home with me for another two weeks. She really bonded with me and I kept her. Now, Macy is my little sewing friend. When she isn’t laying right in the middle of the project I’m working on, her favorite place to be is right on top of the machine while I sew. She watches what I’m doing and doesn’t seem to be too interested in the needle. Maybe she was a quilter in a past life…

2 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. Obviously, “quilt police” officer, Scott! So cute!


  2. What a beautiful little sweetheart!


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