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When all else fails…make a quilt


Okay, so last Thursday I was looking around the room at the piles of fabric…they seem to be growing. I’m sure I’m not adding more fabric to what is already an out of control problem. Back to the pile, it’s apparent that some cleaning/organization needs to take place. I started with the scraps and separated them by prints, solids, backgrounds, etc. OMG, that fabric is so cute! I forgot I bought that. As I was sorting away and looking at the solids, I admired all of the different shades of blue. Suddenly, a rotary cutter emerged from nowhere and I began cutting fabric for a new project. At times like this, I wish I had a better attention span. The little voice inside my head was telling me that it’s alright to start a new project, but keep it small. The quilt top was finished by bedtime Thursday night and the original mess is still there. I spent until 11:00 pm Friday quilting the top. It made sense that I would sleep better if I finished the quilting. One final thought….to sleeve or not to sleeve?

6 thoughts on “When all else fails…make a quilt

  1. I always forget about the sleeve. Right up to the point where I’m thumb tacking my quilt to the wall.


  2. ALWAYS put on a sleeve. You may not need it now, but it’s there when you do. Sorta like a pint of ice cream in your freezer.


    • Mmmmm….ice cream! I tend to forget to label my quilts and I’m trying to get better about this. So, along with labeling I will try my best to sleeve also. Enough about that…it’s time for ice cream.


  3. Hoping it comes to the Monday meeting with you 🙂


  4. This is fantastic and the quilting is so amazing


  5. Love it!! The colors and the detail in the quilting are really great!


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