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Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Monthly Challenge


Each month the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has a challenge for guild members. Most of the time it’s a block challenge and sometimes we have the choice to make something different. Our challenge for February was to design something inspired by packaging or advertising. I found the coolest box of tissues with a graphic I loved. Since most months we make blocks I decided to go with a tote. If you know me, I’m always dragging a couple of tote bags with me wherever I go. Here’s my tissue box inspired bag. I donated it to the raffle last night after our show-n-tell. I think it has a great new home.

3 thoughts on “Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Monthly Challenge

  1. Hi Scott! So sorry I missed the meeting & missed seeing this in person… gorgeous!


  2. Fantastic work! I love that tote!


  3. my home would have been better


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