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A Little Rain…


I’ve been using Inktense by Derwent colored pencils for several years now. Many years back I had tried the crayon method on fabric and I found that it faded and didn’t get the look that I had desired. The Inktense pencils are easy to use and give a great result no matter what your level of artistic creativity. When I had first purchased the 24 pencil set I had set out to see for myself if indeed these were a permanent coloring method. No heat setting or textile medium necessary for pleasing results. So, I colored a flower on a scrap piece of fabric and started sending it through the wash with all my clothes for almost a month. Great results and I am impressed with this product.

Last Christmas Greg bought me the 72 pencil set and…WOW! So many more colors to choose from. I’m always drawn to blues and I pulled out all the blues from the set and started playing. Rain drops were quick and easy. The quilt is approximately 24″ X 24″ and it was quilted on Johnny with diagonal cables to create even more movement. It has been so long since we have seen any rain here in California I had to do create my own.

The pencils are a bit pricey (use that Joann coupon) but they last a very long time and I can’t imagine ever needing to replace a color. They can be purchased in a set or a few art supply stores here sell them individually. I will post a link where you can find them.

3 thoughts on “A Little Rain…

  1. I’m so glad you introduced these to me a couple years back. I’ve been so pleased with them but haven’t done anything like the raindrops. These are awesome, Scott.


  2. I have used them on water color paper……never knew they could be used on fabric! I think I see a new quilt in my future….I love your rain quilt……


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