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Introducing Bobbin & Stitch


Not too long ago I had to put down my dog of 14 years. Her quality of life had diminished and when she looked at me I just knew it was time. It is so painful to lose a member of the family and this was the second time in the past twelve months that I’ve had to make such a difficult decision. Let’s fast forward a bit…I saw this cute little girl at the shelter and she spoke to my heart. The problem was she had a brother whom was equally as cute. Okay, two puppies couldn’t be much more work than one puppy…Right? Wrong! They are so much work, but so much fun to have running around. The shelter told me that they are a Australian Cattle Dog mixed with German Shepard. My Vet thinks that there are a few other breeds in the mix as well. You can see some Sharpei in her face and they both have blue tongues. I couldn’t be happier…although, I could use a bit more sleep!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Bobbin & Stitch

  1. My sympathy on losing your faithful companion.  I’ve been there and had to do that as well and I know it is not an easy decision. Sandy Ruffino


  2. They are adorable! Aren’t Chows inclined to have dark tongues?


  3. So adorable! Which one is bobbin and which is stitch?


  4. I love them !!!!! do not mention the blue tongues to your homeowners ins. person. The names are great.


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