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Los Angeles Fabric/Garment District


This last weekend we journeyed down to the LA Garment District looking for some specific fabric. Well, the joke is right there…specific. We parked on the third floor of the parking structure and paid the $12.00 fee. The parking structure was total chaos…valet parking and they are not responsible for anything. Once I realized I would be sharing the elevator with 4 strollers with crying babies I opted to take the stairs. The stairwell must be used as a public restroom after hours. A hazmat suit is the only attire for these stairs. Any of you that know me are aware I can fall stepping up a curb….three flights of slippery stairs to go down and Greg told me I wasn’t allowed to touch the handrail.

Once we got down to street level, things seemed to be a little better. Michael Levine Fabrics has a great selection of fabric and accessories. The store is huge and staffed well. However, my bladder was full and the only restroom is closed for cleaning. I’m not sure about everyone else but my shopping skills are not at their best when my bladder is full. I was given the option of going across the street to use the restroom. From the smells of the Downtown area….lots of people did not make it across the street.

Many of the fabrics sold by the street venders are poly-knits and a lot of searching goes into finding what you might be looking for. I saw some great deals on zippers. It was a fun outing, but I don’t plan on going back for a while. Have you ever seen a spool of thread this size? It was as brittle as straw, but it still looked very cool.





3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Fabric/Garment District

  1. Patsy…I love M&L….but, have you seen their restroom?……YUCK!


  2. You are so funny and so right! Fabric shopping Downtown LA does not work for me. Have you tried M&L Fabrics in Anaheim? Great selection and less pressure on the nerves and bladder.


  3. I did find some Cotton & Steel fabrics for $10.00 a yard. And, no he was NOT exaggerating about the parking lot stairs…I don’t think a hazmat suit would have helped, though!


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