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My Challenge Star Block


I posted Saturday that I would complete my Astronomical Star Block before the weekend was over. I know the weekend is over…but here it is. I’m going to hang onto it a bit longer and see if anyone else from my guild is making one and then we can send them together. I really like this block. Oh no! I’m sensing another project. If your making a block for this challenge shoot me a pic and I’d love to see your blocks.

3 thoughts on “My Challenge Star Block

  1. That’s a really pretty block. I love all kinds of star variations. The crisp blues show up so well on white.

    I haven’t made mine yet. Likely I need a very short deadline as you gave yourself. August will be here soon!


    • It’s a nice break to get away from a current project and get one of these simple challenge blocks finished. There’s so many challenges available …it’s hard to keep up.


      • I have enough challenges on my own! Right now I’m prepping to teach a medallion class for experienced quilters. They can make it modern or traditional or nursery or farm-themed or whatever they want it to be. The strategies are the same no matter what feel they want. Of course wonky/liberated is somewhat different, but I’d still argue that learning the design issues will help, even if they don’t care about precision.


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