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Spring Is Almost here

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Just before this last Christmas my best friend, Walter, sent me a care package from Maryland. Lots of quilting magazines and an amaryllis bulb in a stunning dutch pot. Let me state for the record that I consider myself to have a green thumb. I planted the bulb per the instructions. I found a great place for the bulb in my kitchen window, lots of light. Weeks go by and the only thing happening is a terrible smell and tiny little gnats coming from the soil. The cats were more amuzed by the gnats than I was. After about a month I had all but given up and replanted it in another pot and moved it outside…more space for the gnats. Out of sight, out of mind. At that point, I was wondering whether or not I could even get a Chia Pet to grow. Two months went by before there was any signs of life. Low and behold my blackend thumb is green again. I love my Walter.

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